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Highland wear hire for any occasion

Gray Palmer boasts a comprehensive collection of men's hire wear for all occasions. Split into four sections: Morning wear to be worn at weddings; Evening wear to be worn at black tie events and balls; Highland wear which can be worn at either event; and an extensive collection of Waistcoats that will complement any outfit.

At Gray Palmer you can hire a Scottish Highland wear package from as little as £145.00. All outfits consist of: The Black Coatee and Vest, Kilt, Dress Sporran and Chain Straps, Ghillie Brogues, Hose, Kilt Pin, Sgian Dubh, Black Bow Tie and Garter Flashes. The Coatee can also be supplied in a Navy or Green option.

Visit our shop in Saffron Walden and you will receive individual attention and professional advice from our highly experienced team of outfitters. Alternatively, get the ball rolling by completing our hire enquiry form to send us your requirements and size details in the event that you are unable to visit our shop prior to your function date. 

For all enquiries please call us on 01799 522159 or email


Select from a wide range of styles, suitable for any occasion


Silver jacket with a matching five-button waistcoat. Also available with dark buttons.


Argyle jacket with silver buttons. Also available with dark buttons.


Choose from a range of 18 tartan patterns. Scroll down to view.

An iconic part of Scottish culture

The traditional dress of Scotland includes a kilt (or trews), sporran, sgian dubh and ghillies. Ghillies are traditional shoes with thick soles, long laces and no tongue, the laces are wrapped around and tied above the ankles.

The kilt which is more commonly worn in traditional Highland wear nowadays is similar to the small kilt or walking kilt (fèileadh beag) which is thought to have evolved from the ‘great kilt’ (Feileadh Mòr). This was a large piece of woollen cloak (also known as a plaid) that was belted around the waist, leaving the top half to be draped over the shoulder or used as a hood to protect against the harsh weather.

Tartan is not only an icon and a huge part of Scottish culture, but is an international mark of identification. It is believed that there are around 5,000 tartans in existence and that number is increasing by about 135 a year, the 19th century saw the growth of the different types from a handful of clan tartans to hundreds of clan, district and fashion tartans.”


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We carefully source selected items from our menswear range for purchase online. Or to ensure the perfect fit, come and see one of our fitters in our shop in Saffron Walden.